WTR 3nd ed

Where Tigers Roam - An epic tale of adventure in the far east.

Southern China, Spring 1934: Peter Wallace and his family are ambushed as they travel through the wild and mysterious highlands. The brutal assault takes both of his parents’ lives and nearly ends his own.

Peter awakens in an unfamiliar village with only fractured memories and soon learns that his older sister, Sophie, has been imprisoned by the same ruthless and power-hungry warlord that killed their mother and father. When a wandering warrior monk saves Peter’s life, he is taken on as an apprentice and begins training in a lethal style of martial arts.

Separated by hundreds of miles and with countless enemies on their tails, Peter and Sophie each find themselves fighting to survive against assassins, ferocious animals and the jungle itself.

Astonishing twists of fate pit the teenage brother and sister against an enemy more dangerous than they could ever have

imagined. All they’ve got is thrown into the fight for family, redemption, revenge and escape. But will it be enough?