REMO D2D (1)

Remortalised: A Supernatural Thriller

“Fun and disturbing. Packed with stunning, scenic writing and a healthy dose of the undead!”

When Hector James, an aspiring journalist, arrives at a small guesthouse in central Vietnam, he meets an old woman with a story to tell that might just give him the break he needs.

Hector and a motley company of guests join the elderly woman on a mission to find and exhume her brother’s remains from a nearby island. However, little do they know that this isolated outpost was home to one of the most brutal and tragic battles of the Vietnam war.

As the group venture deep into the wilderness, the mysteries of the forgotten island, like the jungle around them, grow ever darker and more twisted. Will they succeed in their mission? Will Hector or any of his team make it off the island alive? One thing is for certain, finding out will be a war…