A.J. Roe's Story

A. J. Roe began to travel in his early twenties and soon found himself attracted to Asia—more than likely a result background in the Asian martial arts. Although his passion for reading and writing began at a young age, the characters and stories he discovered on his travels reawakened a passion for the written word.

From 2015 onwards, A. J. completed a number of non-fiction books. He then released the first edition of “Where Tigers Roam” in 2018 and “Absolution: A Legendary Adventure Thriller” in 2021 and “Remortalised” in 2023. 

Please see the “Upcoming Work” section for more details about future publications.

Upcoming Works

A.J. is currently working on several new and exciting projects, including a feature-length adult sci-fi, thriller novel that will be released later this year. Please sign up to the mailing list or follow A.J. on social media to receive updates about this project!